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When we notice a trend with our clients' frequently asked questions, we will update this area. Feel free to submit a question HERE. Responses are not guaranteed, but we will review submissions.

What does my accountant need to prepare my tax return?

In order to prepare your tax returns with the utmost confidence, we will need all types of information provided by your income sources, records on rental properties, etc. If information is not included on your tax return, further investigation may be requested by the IRS. If you suspect some information may be missing, please notify us before we finalize your tax return.

What format do you prefer to recieve my tax documents: paper originals or digital like pdf?

We accept all types of information. As we are a paperless office, we appreciate information sent in PDF, Word, Excel, and QBB (QuickBooks Backup File) to minimize quality degradation of original documents during the scan to our network.

Digital Data: Due to the sensitivity of your personal information, we request you do not send your information via email without password protection. However, we offer a secure file share website through Sharefile. Click HERE to upload your documents and files. Our administrative contact is contacted via email that a new file has been uploaded and will promptly begin saving your information and begin the operational steps initiating the preparation of your tax return(s). Please indicate in a Word document (or Notepad) if you need additional services. You may also contact our office to add the new services (i.e. new trust created, older child needs tax return prepared from part time work). If you prefer to provide your digital information in CD, DVD, or thumb drive, please send your preferred format to our office and we will return the device when the return is completed. If a thumb drive is provided, we will provide a copy of your complete return(s).

Paper Originals (or copies): We will return all paper originals or copies to the client when the tax return is completed. We will scan the information into our secure network and use the digital file to make notes and prepare the tax return. Please keep staples and paper clips minimal, as each must be removed prior to scanning. Important note on large statements from investment/bankers: Please include all pages as provided by the company.

Total pages or summary sheets: We appreciate all the help you provide us when preparing your tax return. When summaries or totals pages are available, time efficiencies are usually reflected in your invoice.

What if I'm still waiting on a few documents but everything else is organized?

If you are waiting on just a few pieces of information but have the rest of your information ready, please provide as soon as possible. All projects are completed in order received, pending arrival of data or notification of additional data. The earlier you bring your information to us, the quicker you will receive once all information has been entered and evaluated.

I know I want an extension filed on the due date, what do you need me to do?

As soon as you begin receiving the basic information, notify the firm your request to have an extension filed for your federal form(s) due as well as state forms, if applicable. An extension only extends the amount of time for filing the form, not for paying the amount due. At least 90% of the expected tax due should be paid with your extension or you will have additional amounts due for penalties and interest. If you know you will not owe for the previous tax year, simply call or email our office and request an extension to be filed on your behalf with zero amounts due. You will need to include the amount of tax withheld to include on the extension form.

What should I do if I receive an agency notice?

Please send a copy of the notice to our office as soon as you receive it via mail or digital file. After scanning to your computer or tablet, please upload all pages of the notice by clicking HERE and using our ShareFile portal to send the file(s) securely. Please make sure copies are not too dark or hard to read if using camera to send a jpg or pdf. Our firm will be notified as soon as the file has been uploaded and will alert the original tax preparer to begin resolving the notice with a response letter or determining no further action is necessary.

What is ShareFile and what is RightSignature?

Anytime Milam & Associates, CPAs send sensitive digital data to you, we will send the files using ShareFile. ShareFile is a top vendor for encryption and document safety for accountants. We strongly encourage you to use the portal on the home page, link in our email signatures, or click HERE when sending digital information to ensure safety of your sensitive data. Once the file is uploaded, we will receive a notification of new information received. You do not need to send us a separate email alerting us to your upload unless you have additional questions or passwords for password protected PDFs or Excel files.

RightSignature is a product in the ShareFile suite of programs we use to obtain digital signatures for e-file authorizations. The IRS recognizes signatures obtained using RightSignature as valid for your e-file authorization. You will receive an email alerting you a file requires your signature(s) and date of signature(s), while all other parties required (spouse) will also receive a notification from RightSignature. Once all required parties have signed and dated where indicated, signers and Milam & Associates, CPAs will receive an email containing the signed documents. We will initiate RightSignature if all recipient emails are available, if the client has indicated PDF or digital signatures are preferred, and/or if the signatures are time-sensitive.